Richard Giles, Times and Seasons

(Canterbury Press; UK, 2008)

Richard Giles has been renewing Anglican liturgy in the catholic tradition for decades, through his deep and subtle understandings of space, beauty and rhythm.  ‘Times and Seasons’ is a practical, theological resource book for renewing worship across the church year.  Often what is missing when we get creative with our worship, is easy access to, and understanding of, the rich historical and theological traditions of the elements of worship we are hoping to breathe new life into.  However, unless we connect with what God is doing in the worship event our creative efforts will struggle to touch peoples inmost being.   Richard Giles provides that in this book.  It’s fantastic and I highly recommend it – for traditional, emerging, evangelical, catholic, charismatic, all forms and styles of worship!


2 thoughts on “Richard Giles, Times and Seasons

  1. I feel really heartened when we are able to find ways to incorporate aspects of both sides of the Anglican tradition, without fear and unkindness. This book sounds really intriguing.

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