New Monasticism: what it has to say to today’s church by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

(Brazos Press; USA, 2008)

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove is an eloquent writer whose passion for Jesus and compassion for people shines through in this book as he ‘shares his testimony’.  It’s a journey into following Jesus with all his heart, soul, mind and strength which was really marked one morning as “rushed past Jesus in the subway” – a growing up moment for him as a young man and as a Christian.  It’s easy to be inspired as we listen to him describe his community and his life and at the end of the book, I wanted to be praying and living just like him!

Another snippet that I want to remember is as he describes the movement of new monasticism as a response to the world in which present Christians find themselves in the USA.  At the close of After Virtue Alistair MacIntyre famously says, “We are waiting not for a Godot but for another – and doubtless very different – St. Benedict.”  Jonathan touchingly quotes his father-in-law as saying what he hoped for  was “not a new a new St. Benedict, but Christian communities that may produce a new St. Benedict.” p.38

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