“40” Lenten Art Course


We’re a week into Lent and I’ve not managed to decide what to give up – so I think I’ll run with giving up feeling guilty (the mother’s curse?)  I do love the idea of taking up brewing beer for Lent, but given my preference for champagne over beer I settled upon taking up art journaling with artillumina.

Rachel is an artist, mother and no doubt many other things beside (we’ve never met so I can only say she sounds amazing) who runs workshops exploring spirituality through art.  For those of us not lucky enough to live in Newcastle (Australia), you can join this particular workshop on-line.  Rachel shares an inspiration and participants do their own art journalling.

I have to admit, that the drawing side of my journal is such a disaster that I’ve given up on that already!  However, I do have amazing artwork forming in my mind and that still seems to work for me!  I love the way that the imaginative side of journalling fills out the intellectual side of reading so that I interact with the bible and other words of inspiration in a more holistic way.  It draws me quickly into prayer and ‘communion with God.’

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