Richard Rohr interview on Iconcast

This is such an awesome podcast!  I know I frequently use enthusiastic language, but this interview with Richard Rohr covers so many topics relevant to reddress that I really do insist you consider finding the hour required to listen to it.  Thanks to prodigal kiwi for the heads up.

It’s from Jesus Radicals who run a series of podcasts called Iconocast.  Both very interesting.  And the banter between the interviewers Joannna and Mark at the end is fabulous.

This interview with Richard Rohr took place on December 21, 2010

Richard talks about:

  • the enneagram
  • ego-centric christianity
  • ‘dying to self/sin’ (St. Paul)
  • dualistic thinking
  • falling upwards
  • the two halves of life
  • emerging christianity
  • radical living within an institution “on the edge of the inside”

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