The Image Journal Blog

Really grateful to Alister Pater of Cafe Church for directing my attention to this blog: The Image Journal  –  art::faith::mystery

Some wonderful writing examples…

Balancing My Stuff by Peggy Rosenthal

“So this is a post about a poem about a painting and its painting-within-the-painting (sounds a bit like the house that Jack built).

How, it makes me wonder, can we live without art (I mean all the arts, verbal and visual and performative)?

Without the shaping and distilling and re-envisioning of experience that art gives us—whether that experience is of life’s major moments or just the stuff of every day. About ten years ago, I wrote for Image an essay called “Why We Need the Arts in Time of War.”

Now I’m thinking: we need the arts at all times.

At least I do.

The Veil Between Us by Alissa Herbaly Coons

“With the birth of my daughter, the suckling-urgent question of how to be a good mother has joined the question of how to be a good neighbor. It also reordered my identity: first a mammal, then a Christian and participant in general society. In the past, with neighbors of any stripe, my default mode has been polite indifference.

With a small human to raise, that doesn’t seem good enough anymore.”

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