Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture by Mike Frost

(Massachusetts: Hendrickson, 2006)

I felt inspired to do a quick post on Exiles because it is a handy book for those interested in missional oriented ministry.  If you haven’t read it yet, it’s worth getting your hands on a copy because it is kind of like a text book for Missional Christianity and can be highly recommended as book to pass on to young leaders, discussion groups or even form the basis of an engaging sermon series.  It’s easy to read, theologically intelligent and covers the important issues of missional church and living in contemporary culture.  Best of all, it’s written by an Aussie!

I’ve used the book this year in my liminality essay, because Mike writes really well about Victor Turner’s concept of communitas (the genuine, spontaneous community possible in transitory moments).  I also put his ‘third places’  discussion into a worksheet format, which I have just put up on the reddress writing page.  A ‘third place’ is not work, not home, but a third place for the community to gather.  Useful concept for thinking through site issues.

Here’s the table of contents:

Part I:  Exiles

1.  Self-Imposed Exile – The Memory: God Will Rescue the Exiled People

2.  Jesus the Exile – The Memory: Jesus was a Radical and a Subversive

3.  Following Jesus into Exile – The Memory: Jesus Is Our Standard and Example

Part II:  Dangerous promises

4.  Exiled from a Hyper-Real World – The Promise: We Will Be Authentic

5.  The Exile’s Espirit de Corps – The Promise:  We Will Serve a Cause Greater Than Ourselves

6.  Fashioning Collectives of Exiles – The Promise:  We Will Create Missional Community

7.  Exiles at the Table – The Promise:  We Will Be Generous and Practice Hospitality

8.  Working for the Host Empire – The Promise:  We Will Work Righteously

Part III:  Dangerous criticism

9.  Restless with Injustice – The Critique:  You Have Been an Unjust Empire

10.  Exiles and the Earth – The Critique:  You Have Not Cared for God’s Creation

11.  Comforting the Oppressed – The Critique:  You Have Not Protected God’s Children

Part IV:  Dangerous songs

12.  Exiles at the Alter – The Song: To God Be the Glory

13.  The Songs of the Revolution – The Song:  Jesus Ain’t My Boyfriend




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