Greenbelt and UK study tour

Hi all – this is a post to introduce the next month of posts.

I’m in the UK on a kind of study tour (for want of a better description) and kicking it off with the Greenbelt Festival, a huge arts, justice & christian spirituality festival in Cheltenham, UK. If, by the way, you’re reading this and you’re in the UK drop me a line – I might be in your neck of the woods!  My beautiful THL518 lecturer has approved me blogging about worship at Greenbelt for an assessment piece, so I’ll be writing about different worship experiences over the coming few days and hoping to make some links with different theological themes about contextualized, contemporary worship.

I’m then spending a week with a group from Melbourne led by Cheryl Lawrie  from hold:this:space looking at transformative art and public space on the Oxygen Tour so I’ll do some posts on exhibitions and community art projects that we visit.

I’m travelling with an amazingly interesting and engaging group of people and feeling incredibly privaleged to have this opportunity! The questions or themes that I am aware of as I commence this adventure are:

  • making observations about the dependency of Australian culture birthed from Brittish culture and wondering about our Australian uniqueness
  • understanding the culture of the Church of England and it’s impact on the Anglican Church in Melbourne within which I serve
  • How can the Church better use the power of art and beauty for transforming ourselves and our world into a better place?
  • What is ‘community’ in a fluid, globalised world? What are the elements we really want when we say community is what we want or need?
  •  How does any individual get from being isolated to integrated into something they would call ‘community’?
  • How do Brits connect to the land when there is next to no indigenous landscape left?  What does that mean for our relationship with the earth and what does that teach me about connecting with the land where I live?

So, I am definitely on a BIG journey over the next month. I’d love for it to be one that can be shared through reddress and would love to get comments and questions, ideas and inspirations from your life and context as they come to mind. I really have no idea who reads this blog beyond a small group of friends and colleagues so it’d be great to ‘meet’ you if you’ve been reading in the dark of anonymity!

Blessings to one and all – known and unknown to me!


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