Heidegger on ‘The Thinker As Poet’

(In Poetry, Language, Thought (Harper Collins, NY, 1971)

Read Heidegger whilst sipping cafe au lai in the South of France this morning:

When on a summer’s day the butterfly

settles on the flower and, wings

closed, sways with it in the


All our heart’s courage is the

echoing response to the

first call of Being which

gathers our thinking into the

play of the world.

In thinking all things

become solitary and slow.

Patience nurtures magnanimity.

He who thinks greatly must

err greatly.

2 thoughts on “Heidegger on ‘The Thinker As Poet’

    • Thanks Toby – I enjoyed reading your blog also, you write very well! I have found it really useful to blog alongside the academic work so I hope you find the same. It’s been good to continually write small chunks of thoughts as I progress a much bigger argument for assessment pieces. It has also been really good to try and bring the language down a notch out of the academic stratosphere which is completely useless communication to all but a few with very particular educational skills and training. But there is so much value in the knowledge! So in part the blog keeps me accountable in my desire to serve a wider audience.
      Blessings for your work,

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