Easter Day: Unfurling Resurrection

I am celebrating Resurrection Day at a friend’s glorious property at Foster.  The day begins with a prayer walk through the bush garden, including a trudge down the beautiful fern gully, lush from yesterday’s rain.  It is the unfurling ferns that grab my attention today as the most potent symbol of Resurrection becoming manifest in me.

Recently, I went to a retreat day facilitated with the work of inspiring Melbourne artist Eleni Rivers.  A larger than life painting of unfurling ferns has stayed in my memory to direct my spiritual path.  Personal growth is a rather slow unfurling, which requires the co-ordination of sun and air and attentive passer-by to fulfil its destiny.

Resurrection has required much patience from me of late.  All the elements are there but growth and restoration will not be hurried.  It cannot be bullied into premature blossom or willed into instant glory.  All the work required for my resurrection is complete: Jesus is Risen and death is defeated.  But the appropriation of the gift is not at all like that first New Day.  In me, it takes time.  But all that is required is to face the sun each day and remain open to growth of God’s work in me.


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