Christ the Stranger: The Theology of Rowan Williams by Ben Myers

There will be lots of reviews of this book which are more thorough than I intend to be: all I want to do is make sure you read it! Ben Myers’ writing is a delight – entertaining, clear, succinct. He makes Rowan Williams accessible to a very broad audience, for which we should all be grateful. His love of William’s work and witness is evident and we can assume accurate, given that Williams himself read the script before it was published.

There have been some great interviews with Ben on radio national, so while you wait for your book to arrive (the first print has sold out), check out the following podcasts and online articles.

Good Friday Breakfast: The Theology of Rowan Williams (25 min podcast)

Opinion Article: Rowan Williams and the Politics of the Open Tomb.

Opinion Article: The Problem with Rowan Williams.

There is also a kindle edition of the book if you can’t wait.

And you should check out Ben’s blog: Faith and Theology.

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