Spirituality of Love #5 – love poem by Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

a snapshot of material presented at solace ‘tuesday stuff’ may-june 2012

see spirituality of love #1 (20 June)  for more details

spirituality of love #5:

the mystical love of God is like a rainbow and the human loves one of every colour

A POEM by Rumi from Divan 499, poem 3

Look at that face
those manners
that frame
those cheeks
those arms and legs
That complexion
that strength
that shining orb
filling out the shirt

Shall I compare to cypress? meadows?
to tulips? jessamine?
to the candle or the candelabra?
or to the rose dancing in the breeze?
O Love come like an agiary, assuming form and hue
Robbing the caravan of hearts along the highway
Good sir! Give us some respite.

In my flame and fire I pass the night to dawn
How blessed my victory at “The Sun in the zenith”
I spin around his bright org,
greet him without lips
throw myself down to earth
before he calls out “Come get it!”

Rose garden and paradise on earth you are
the eye and the light of the world you are
and also searing pain of the world
when your steps turn to cruelty
I come to pledge my life
you say
Don’t bother me, go!
I bow and obey and withdraw
you say
Come here, you fool!
His image joins company with fiery lovers
May your face
never for a moment
leave our sight!
Heart, patience!
Why so distracted from your focus
Do you ever steal an hour of sleep,
of a morning? in the evening?
The heart replies
His beauteous face
those two bewitching narcissi
his brow of hyacinth
rubies sweet to taste
everywhere blessed by fair name and good repute
last night I christened you anew:
Pain Incurable

the splendor of my being
the mover of my spheres
send flour, my dear, as grist
to keep the mill from grinding to a halt and spinning free

No more will I speak,
say this line and that’s enough:
My being melts in this desire
Befriend us, Our God!

(from Divan 499, poem 3)

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