Spirituality of Love #6 – ‘Love is life itself’ by Chelle Trebilcock

a snapshot of material presented at solace ‘tuesday stuff’ may-june 2012

see spirituality of love #1 (20 June)  for more details

spirituality of love #6:

Human romance contains an invitation into divine romance,

and divine romance leads into freedom, healing, forgiveness, grace, love.

For me… it’s all about Jesus.

LOVE IS LIFE ITSELF by Chelle Trebilcock

“I know who you are”
declared his gaze
and I fell over once again
stumbling like a cripple
paralysed by longing

If only love were rational
and could be brought into line by cognitive will.
love rises up from the depths
and until it is free
it is the leviathan of dark waters.

Love is but a made up word
and should not be expected to carry the weight
of the experience it is striving to name.
And yet I find I need to say those words ‘I love you’
and I need to hear those words ‘I love you’
and we need to know those words ‘I love you’
in power and in truth.

It is simple.
I am summed up by these four blesséd letters
containing all life and meaning
and all I ever want ever again
is to love and be loved.

is life itself.

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