Thanks to Beth Barnett for bringing the feminine metaphor to life in relation to Christian leadership. ‘Pushing’ is also a part of ‘birthing’ as a woman works consciously with her unconscious body. This is very different to a male image of pushing with his body, of which I feel unqualified to reflect upon, other than I’ve been at the receiving end of both positive and negative expressions of it.
Anyway, thanks Beth Barnett for your thoughts, they are worth sharing.


dali-eggI have recently heard about a new movement called the ‘Geneva Push’ – a consortium of christian leaders seeking to shape a church planting culture through endorsing and resourcing leaders with a particular emphasis on complementarianism and exclusive male leadership. If you’re interested, the extensive list of what they affirm, and the even longer list of what they don’t believe can be found at



Imagine if, at some point in the history of the church, the common wisdom had fallen in favour of women landing the lion’s share of love and leadership for the people of God, and providing the prophetic vision and protagonism for mission (note ironic disclaimer – this might actually not be far from the historical case, despite who draws the ecclesial salaries and fronts the crowds).

What if, not because of any mythologies of superiority or ‘fitness’, but simply on the basis of pragmatics…

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