red dress inspirations

Here are some more ‘red dress’ images  that I take inspiration from:

'it's only love that gets you through' from the Lovers Rock album

This is a depiction of the woman who was forgiven much, anointing Jesus' feet with perfume then drying them with her tears (Luke 7:36-50) by David LaChapelle

John Perceval (1947), Christ Dining in Young and Jackson's (collection of Helen and Maurice Alther, Melbourne, Australia) - No red dresses in this painting, but if I were to meet Jesus in a pub, I reckon I would be wearing one!

Gustav Klimt (c. 1909) The Tree of Life

My favourite Basalt Plains inspiration (i.e. where I live) - Red River Gum. It's old now, but if you wanna explore more about living in the bioregion that hasbecome the inner west and north of melbourne, check out

This is where it all begins and what it is all about.